Upstream TherapeuticsWorking Upstream

World-class genetics, conveniently supported with therapeutic care in Northeast Ohio.

We work "Upstream" to target better health.

At Upstream Therapeutics, we identify and address the source of your health and wellness concerns through precision health care and nutrigenomics testing. With a simple cheek swab and DNA analysis, we meet our clients exactly where they are, at the cellular level. We develop a customized care plan based on targeted areas of YOUR physical and mental health “working upstream”, from the source of your concerns, to inhibit the “downstream” flow of symptoms or challenges that may be impacting your life-long wellness journey.

Upstream Therapeutics provides a genetics-based care regimen that includes our proprietary and highest-quality line of IV micronutrients and nutraceutical supplements with counsel and support to help meet your needs and achieve optimal health outcomes. Our mission is to develop innovative solutions that dramatically improve quality of life and ensure access to leading-edge, individualized health and wellness care. Through an evidence-based, bio hacking wellness approach, Upstream Therapeutics is committed to helping people meet their health goals and THRIVE.


Get started today to begin the process to a better you!

1. Order at home Testing Kit

3. One on One Genetic Review and Health Plan

5. Periodic check-in and follow up

2. Submit kit to Lab and await results

4. Collaborative, personalized wellness regimen.