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World-class genetics, conveniently supported with therapeutic care in Northeast Ohio.


Upstream Therapeutics is a cutting-edge nutrigenomic based precision health care company based in Independence Ohio. We specialize in creating nutraceutical and lifestyle regimes that are tailored to individual genetics, providing personalized solutions for optimal health outcomes. Our unique approach integrates the latest advancements in genetic science with innovative product development. At Upstream Therapeutics, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, science-based nutraceutical and lifestyle regimes that empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being.

Our mission at Upstream Therapeutics is to revolutionize the wellness industry by providing personalized solutions based on individual genetics, ultimately enhancing the overall well-being of our customers.

Traditional health supplements are often one-size-fits-all solutions, failing to take into account individual genetic variations that can significantly impact their effectiveness. This results in suboptimal health outcomes for many individuals.

By leveraging cutting-edge genetic science, Upstream Therapeutics develops nutraceutical and lifestyle regimes tailored to each individual's unique genetic makeup. This precision approach ensures that our products provide maximum benefits for our customers.

Genetic Testing Kits

At-home and/or office DNA testing kits to provide insights into genetic predispositions and personalize supplement recommendations.

Nutrigenomic Consultation Services

One-on-one sessions with a nutrition expert to assess dietary needs and provide personalized recommendations.

Recipe Database Access

Online database of healthy recipes tailored to individual genetic profiles and dietary preferences.

Mindfulness Mediation Sessions

Virtual meditation sessions with mindfulness experts to promote mental well-being and stress management.

Supplement / DNA SNP Subscription Education

Monthly access to the most current personalized health information

Virtual Wellness Classes

Live and on-demand fitness classes led by professional trainers for a holistic health approach.

Wellness Coaching Programs

Personalized coaching programs with certified wellness coaches to address individual health goals and lifestyle improvements.

Community Wellness Events

Local and virtual wellness events including workshops, seminars, and group activities to promote community health engagement.

Digital Health Assessment

Online health assessments to evaluate individual wellness goals, provide personalized recommendations, and track progress.