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In traditional healthcare, not enough time is spent understanding and exploring your own personal blueprint for functioning. At Upstream Therapeutics we start with the source, your genetics, to inform a personalized plan for care that will heal your mental and physical health and prevent future illness.
World-class genetics, conveniently supported with therapeutic care in Northeast Ohio.

Welcome to Upstream Therapeutics

Start with the Source

At Upstream Therapeutics, we strive to discover the source of your health and wellness concerns through the science of Nutrigenomics. With a simple cheek swab and DNA analysis, we have the ability to tailor a plan of care for each individual regarding areas of health and wellness. By working upstream at the source of your health concerns, we can inhibit downstream struggles and symptoms on your wellness journey.

Upstream Solutions for Downstream Problems


Methylation is a simple yet vitally important biochemical process in the body that is widespread and helps regulate the activity of our cardiovascular, neurological, reproductive, and detox systems.


Inflammation is a normal part of the body's defense mechanisms to aid in preventing injury or infection. Inflammation becomes damaging when it effects healthy tissues and lasts too long.

Mental Health

Through identifying genetic vulnerabilities, we are able to understand the role that specific genes play in many complex Mental Health issues. Genes act in a manner that can produce specific biological or behavioral traits.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is classified as pain lasting longer than normal healing periods. It lasts typically for several months, looking at a time period between 3-6 months. Several genes may play a role in this lasting response.

Digestive Health

Digestive Health can be effected by our genetic make-up. Different genes express in a manner that determine what we can eat, how we eat, and how other systems can have further issues based on nutrigenetics.

Work Upstream With Your Genetics

Upstream Therapeutics helps clients identify and address individual concerns at the cellular level through a simple cheek swab and DNA analytics with counseling and myriad supports.

Upstream employs an evidence-based, customized care model based on the study of genomics and analysis of 122 key genes that target specific areas of both physical and mental health. DNA patterns identified can be strong indicators for certain diseases or conditions that are currently affecting clients, or may at some point in their lives.

The model works upstream, from the source of client concerns, to help prevent and inhibit the downstream flow of symptoms or challenges that can impact the life-long wellness journey (e.g., diabetes, obesity, cancer, anxiety, substance abuse or addiction, ADHD and more).

Upstream Services

Genetic Panels

Genetic testing forms the basis of your personalized plan of care. Learn what your body needs and take action based on individualized results.

Health/Gene(SNP) Education

Upstream Therapeutics will be with you every step of the way to help you understand your genetic testing results and collaborate to design a plan for care.

Health Coaching

Let us guide and coach you to make lifestyle changes, mental and behavioral changes, food plans and preparations based on your own genetic blueprint for optimal health. 

Personalized Medical Services

In addition to lifestyle coaching and behavior modification plans, Upstream Therapeutics offers IM, IV and prescription services based on your individual needs.