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About Upstream Therapeutics

We're Here To Help You Thrive

We are your go to health consultants – our team is made up of diverse healthcare professionals. We start with the Source – what we call your “owners manual”. This is your genetics, your bioindividuality! We explain that we work UPSTREAM in your body’s make up and pathways. We take time to teach you about You!

After reviewing your genetic testing results, we have key information about what your body is good at and not so good at.  This information allows us to craft a plan to revive pathways that may be causing inconsistency or outright problems in your health or daily functioning. This is a combination of personalized medical care, lifestyle changes, targeted supplements and IV options and specific diets that YOUR body will respond to.

We have a team that spends time with you to help you navigate hurdles and troubleshoot areas of difficulty. Life is complex and many things are competing for our focus and attention. When our health is not optimal, we suffer in all areas making it difficult to thrive. Upstream Therapeutics works to weave a health story incorporating the science of what we know about your body and how you have lived in it. Our goal is to write new chapters with you.

Upstream believes in thriving. We understand that not all issues can be resolved immediately and may need attention after you have revived your body and lifestyle. We are here to help you keep writing those chapters for success. Our Thrive plans include maintenance of problem pathways in your body as well as bio hacking for longevity.

We are here to change the way your health is managed, away from a disease model and towards a personalized partnership to maximize your health and vitality. Contact Upstream Therapeutics to begin your wellness journey or view our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.


Genetic Panels

Genetic testing forms the basis of your personalized plan of care. Learn what your body needs and take action based on individualized results.

Health/Gene(SNP) Education

Upstream Therapeutics will be with you every step of the way to help you understand your genetic testing results and collaborate to design a plan for care.

Health Coaching

Let us guide and coach you to make lifestyle changes, mental and behavioral changes, food plans and preparations based on your own genetic blueprint for optimal health.

Personalized Medical Services

In addition to lifestyle coaching and behavior modification plans, Upstream Therapeutics offers IM, IV and prescription services based on your individual needs.